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Categories Photo _0005_Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies

Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies

A wide variety of commercial-grade cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies help you operate at peak performance at an investment that fits within your budget. Cleaning specialists can help you quickly and easily find and use products that are best for your special needs.

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Categories Photo _0004_Paper & Liners

Paper & Liners

From paper hand towels to wipers and napkins, and liners of all sizes and colors, Powell has a complete line of disposable products for all types of applications in all types of organizations.

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Categories Photo _0003_Janitorial Equipment

Janitorial Equipment

An extensive selection of commercial-grade janitorial equipment enables you to keep your facilities safe, sanitary, and looking great with the least amount of time and effort. We can even personally show you how to operate and get upmost performance from your new purchase.

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Categories Photo _0002_Warewash & Laundry Supplies & Equipment

Warewash & Laundry

Dish washing machines and cleaning chemicals, laundry cleaning chemicals,  water treatment equipment, and chemical dispensing systems are available for purchase and lease. We will personally help you select equipment and chemicals that optimize cleanliness within your specific environment and budget.

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Categories Photo _0000_Equipment Service

Equipment Service

Our knowledgeable technicians can repair most makes and models of commercial-grade janitorial and cleaning equipment at your site or in our shop. We provide loaner equipment so you can keep working while your equipment is repaired, and offer scheduled equipment preventative maintenance services to minimize cleaning disruptions.

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Categories Photo _0001_Office , Safety & Breakroom

Office, Safety
& Break Room

Powell provides an extensive selection of safety supplies including signs and hand and eye protection. In conjunction with its affiliate, Dan’s Office Furniture & Supplies, we provide a large selection of office furniture with on-site planning and assembly, office and digital imaging supplies, and break room necessities such as napkins, cups, and coffee. 

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Training & Product Video

Enjoy your purchase to the fullest by viewing a short video detailing the features and handling of your new product. Our directory offers instructions on operation, installation, and maintenance about each item Powell offers.

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Sale Items

Save up to 30% on some items. Browse our list of everyday sales items and watch the savings add up.

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Love a good bargain? Then, you’ve come to the right place. See full list of this weeks clearance items.

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Find out and get the latest news, product information and latest offers from Powell. We are committed to keeping our customers informed with the latest news from the Powell Company.

What Others Say About Us

  • Thanks for the great service, I can always depend on you and your team to keep us going. I can always count on Powell.

    Pam N. - Brethren Retirement Community

  • Thank you again for joining us for our 2019-20 IN-Service Day! It's always a pleasure having you, we learn something new each time you visit. Please know, [Powell] is a valued partner of our district and a wonderful resource we greatly appreciate. Thank you for all you do!

    AD, Port Clinton

  • The Lima City Schools have been purchasing custodial supplies from the Powell Company for many years . They always provide great customer service and great products at a great price. Working in an educational facility, it is important to have sales people who are highly educated and knowledgeable on all of the latest products and/or technologies available to combat any problems that we may face in this ever changing germicidal, bacterial and fungicidal warfare. I always feel at ease knowing that the Powell Company has such individuals. They are truly a great company

    Lima City Schools

  • The Powell Company LTD has taken the hassle out of ordering products for our business and my representative has given me step-by-step guidance on the best products for our needs. She was able to instantly dive into what our needs were and offer us products that have made a significant impact on our company’s overall success.

    Kim Graham - Operations Manager, Sears Maid Services

  • We've been doing business with Powell for well over 30 years, and their service has been top notch. Their sales group, both the inside and outside sales group, is so reliable and easy to work with. Not to mention come thru every time an emergency arises. Simply one of the best in the business!

    JM, Cary

  • I wish all suppliers had your response time. You rock!

    Dale Walters, General Manager
    Hexa Americas, Sidney

  • Thank you so very much for the great seminar for IEHA. We heard lots of positive feedback from the attendees. Education is vital for the Enviromental Services departments in each facility and Powell has some of the best educators around. Please pass our thanks to everyone there.

    IHEA Miami Vally Chapter

  • I wanted to thank you for your service and accommodating us here at the University. I was off last Thursday and Friday . . . Jodi [Powell Sales Specialist], thank you very much for working with me and making the delivery time earlier so that we could get our closets restocked here on campus.

    I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to praise your company and how you deal with situations. I very much enjoy working with Powell and the drivers are very professional and easy to talk to. Have a great weekend.

    Brian Lybarger
    Bluffton University

  • Everyone truly appreciated what our sales rep presented [in an Infection Control training.]  Thanks for helping us with our now annual Manager’s Retreat!

    Friendship Village of Dublin

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