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Brand Name
Brand Item #
Powell Item #
Brand Name:Tolco Corporation
Item: Absorbent Soak-It 1 lb Natural with Deodorizer
Powell Item #: 14215
Brand Item #:260099
Special Order
Unit Size Ordering Options: CS
More Details
Brand Name:Lagasse, Inc.
Item: Absorbent Sock All Purpose 3"X 42"
Powell Item #: 15127
Brand Item #:SBDSW46
Special Order
Unit Size Ordering Options: BX
More Details
Brand Name:Buckeye Safety/Cotton Fabrics
Item:Absorbent E-P Floor Dry 25 lb 
Powell Item #: 2346
Brand Item #:FD85E - EPM 201P
Unit Size Ordering Options: BG / PT
More Details
Brand Name:Fresh Products, Inc.
Item:Absorbent Supersorb 12 Oz 
Powell Item #: 5630
Brand Item #:6-14-SS
Unit Size Ordering Options: EA / CT
More Details
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