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What Does A Powell Specialist Mean?

The Powell Company changed the way we do business to focus more on our customers' needs, to better offer solutions to the issues that are faced every day. To accomplish this higher level of customer service, The Powell Specialist approach was created.

With this new approach, we moved away from the industry standard of focusing on location, and instead focused on a trained sales force that specializes in the particular industries that they serve. We know that each type of industry has its own particular needs and concerns and our Powell Specialists are trained to help with these specific needs.

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Health Care Specialists

Health Care Specialists work only with health care clients. They're not only familiar with specific health care cleaning processes, but they understand the issues facing health care that affect cleaning, such as infection control issues. Health Care Specialists work with their customers to educate and train staff in cleaning methods using CDC guidelines. They know that 'cleaning for health' is a top goal for their customers.

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Commercial Specialists

Commercial Specialists know the issues facing today's smaller businesses. They understand that every penny counts and know how to consolidate products within their customers' budgets to provide innovative solutions that meet their needs.

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Education and Government Specialists

Education and Government Specialists understand the need that such organizations have to continually drive down costs, educate their workforce in the use of products and work with their customers to provide solutions that outperform competitive products.

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Industrial Specialists

Industrial Specialists are experts in leading edge, high tech cutting, grinding and parts washing fluids that meet the needs of industrial professionals. They know that Industrial needs go beyond those of the normal janitorial and sanitation situations facing other types of businesses and are experts in developing product solutions that meet and exceed those needs.

Meet Our Sales Specialists


Jeffrey Thompson
General, Education and Government
Dayton area


Greg Kundert
Healthcare Specialist
Columbus area


Jamie Davis
Healthcare Specialist
Northwest Ohio


Kathy Burton
General, Education and Government Specialist
Northern Ohio


Mike Van Horn
Industrial, Education Specialist
Sidney/Dayton area


Dirk Rummel
Vice President of Sales

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