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company information updateFounded in 1946 in Lima Ohio by Robert T. Powell, The Powell Company provides management support services, equipment and consumable supplies used to maintain the appearance, safety and cleanliness of business facilities and occupants, equipment, and textiles.

In its early days, much of Powell's sales were derived from supplying soap and cleaning supplies to local churches and schools. Today, The Powell Company is the largest company of its kind in the region, supplying products to organizations in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The Powell Company serves business users and resellers who desire:

  • Prompt or immediate availability of products and services to minimize their costs of carrying excess inventory and minimize business disruptions
  • High quality technical assistance and training to select and use products to maximize their productivity and effectiveness
  • Prompt and high quality maintenance of equipment to minimize costly disruptions to their operations
  • Prompt notification about and response to new products, trends and regulations to help them promptly respond to new opportunities and minimize their problems
  • A wide selection of specialty products to satisfy unique needs to allow them to maximize profitability and performance with minimum effort

The Powell Company helps clients:

Save Money

  • Competitive prices
  • Large selection of products - the right product at the right price
  • Cleaning Specialists

Save Time

  • One source for all cleaning supplies, equipment and equipment repair
  • Immediate availability of supplies including delivery or pick-up
  • Cleaning Specialists

Increase Customer/Employee Satisfaction

  • High quality products
  • On-site evaluation and assistance
  • Help to create healthy indoor environments - greater productivity

Help Reduce Risk

  • Safe cleaning materials
  • Constant monitoring of safety issues
  • Assistance with OSHA Hazard Communication and Blood-borne Pathogen compliance

Minimize Frustrations

  • Prompt communications
  • Super Stock™ - Guaranteed availability of key cleaning materials
  • Fast, reliable equipment repair
  • Cleaning Specialists
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