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Powell Trade Show Online Vendor Registration

Register Here (Deadline May 15th, 2020):

Trade Show Vendor Registration

$ 250 Seminar Sponsorship (2 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • There will be two seminar rooms with speakers. Sponsors will have a poster outside of the seminar room that will say "courtesy of your company" and will be able to play any videos or PowerPoint slides that will run prior to the event starting, everyone who attends these seminars will see these.

$200 Game sponsorship (2 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • One of the two games at the game station will be tailored to your company. Your company's booth number and logo will be prominently displayed and integrated throughout the game.
  • The games at the trade show are a chance for customers to play for a Powell credit to apply to orders submitted at the show. Every buyer is given a game pass at registration for a chance to win. Your logo would also appear on the game pass.

$150 Sponsor the massage therapist booth (1 vendor is able to sponsor this)

  • A poster will be prominently displayed at the massage therapist booth saying that the booth is courtesy of your company and it will display your company’s logo as well as booth #.

$100.00 VIP Gifts Sponsorship (10 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • VIP gift bags are created for out of town guests who spend the night at the hotel and attend our meet and greet the night before the trade show. These bags will be tagged courtesy of your company and a “come see us at booth #” sticker.
  • This sponsorship will also secure an invite for your company representative to attend the VIP meet & greet with our customers the night before the show

$100.00 Money Machine sponsorship (5 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • The money machine will have one winner each hour. Your company will be featured for one of these hours as being the sponsor for the money machine. Your logo will appear on a sign saying “courtesy of your company” next to the money machine. After the winner receives the money, “the announcer will say thanks to the Powell Company & 'your company', you’ve won x amount of dollars today.”

$75.00 Sign Sponsorship (10 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • A sign with your company logo and booth # will be placed on an easel down the hallway at registration. Every customer will have to pass this sign before entering the event. The sign can either showcase a specific product or your company and booth #.

$50.00 Hospitality table sponsorship (5 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • This is the coffee, drinks, and donuts table. A sign would display your company’s logo and booth number and will say donuts and coffee “courtesy of”

Download Forms below. Deadline May 15th:

Download Electrical Services Form

Download Show Specials Form

Download Show Samples Request Form

                                                               [Click here for PDF downloadable version]

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