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Order Guide FAQ


For Help While In Your Order Guide

If you're unsure what a button does, hold your mouse over it for 5 seconds to see instructions.

Account Features

This section is where you can view purchase history, pending orders, add new users, or change passwords/contact information. (Note: depending on your user level, some of these options may not be available. You'll need to ask your account admin to assist with some of these options if this is the case.)

Order Information

1. Ordered By

The ordered by text field must field-in to place an order. It will auto fill with the contact's name that your account is set up under.

2. PO Number

A PO Number can be created here. It isn't mandatory to create a PO unless your facility requires it.


The comments section is a place you can type comments about your order. There's an 100 character text restriction.

4. Item Search

Go To Item Number search only searches through the items that are already added to your order guide. It doesn't search items in our product catalog.

order information 1

order information 2

Item Search & Product Catalog

To search our online product catalog, click on the Product option in our menu bar at the top of the web page. This will bring up the search. You'll be able to search by description, Powell item number, brand item number, brand name, or by class.

search product catalog

search options

Placing An Order

Step 1

After logging into your online order guide, scroll down to the items on your order guide. Place the number of the correct quanitites you need next to each item. Make sure the quantity is placed next to the correct unit needed (example: ea, cs, etc.)


Step 2

Once you're finished filling out the quantities you would like, click on the "Review & Send" button found at the top or bottom of the page.

review & send

Step 3

After clicking the "Review and Send" button, a summary of your order will appear. You can look over the summary of your order and click "edit" order if you would like to add or remove an item or click "Send Order" if you're ready to place your order. NOTE: The order won't be placed until you click the "Send Order" button.

send order

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