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how much can preventive maintenance save

How Much Can Preventive Maintenance Save?

Preventive Maintenance (PM) can save time and money, but how much? And why is it important?

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floor scrubber color system decoded

Floor Scrubber Color System Decoded

According to our service techs, a common mistake they see is the wrong floor pad being used for the job. The Powell company has broken down what the color system means and which pad is right for the job.

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3M floor pad guide

3M Floor Pad Guide

View 3M's floor pad guide to further breakdown what floor pad is needed for each job.

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vacuum maintenance checklist

Vacuum Maintenace Checklist

You can prolong the life of your vacuum if you spot potential issues before they become major problems. Our friends at Karcher put together a helpful list of questions to ensure nothing is wrong with the machine.

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