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Is Cordless Better? 5 Benefits of Cordless Cleaning Equipment

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Keeping your facility clean is important but sometimes finding the right equipment to get the job done can be overwhelming. Cordless equipment is a great option when faced with safety and noise concerns. But is cordless the best option for you? Here are 5 benefits to consider.

5 Benefits of Cordless

1. Flexibility

You can go where no machine has gone before with cordless. Battery operated cleaning equipment allows for flexibility and easy mobility. You aren’t limited to where you can clean by outlet locations and you don’t have to worry about cords causing an inconvenience when trying to reach around those tight corners.


2. Convenience

With cordless, high traffic areas are no longer off limits during the day. You can achieve quick clean ups without disrupting the flow of traffic and without cord maintenance.


3. Quiet

Many cordless options allow for a quieter cleaning experience. This is so you can clean the showroom, the office, or the hospital lobby without disturbing anyone.


4. Safety

There are no more concerns about tripping over cords or electrical safety. Cordless options allow for a get in and get out efficient cleaning job.


5. Saves Time

You can shave time off your cleaning to do list when you eliminate cords. You no longer have to search for outlets, wrap the cords up, or back track when a cord gets caught.

Should You Go Cordless?

Cordless options are a great choice for high traffic areas, lobbies, hospitals, classrooms, areas with tight mobility, and areas with limited outlet access.

Cordless may not be the best option if the area you’re cleaning is a large space. Check the tech specifications on the cordless equipment you’re considering. This will tell you the runtime of the battery and approximately how many square feet you’ll be able to cover in that time frame.


Still not sure whether to go cordless? We can connect you with one of our sales specialists. They can help you find the right equipment for your space to help you save time and achieve both efficiency and cleanliness.

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