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Understanding 5 Types of Cleaning Equipment and When To Use Them

9-20 equipment types part 1

With so many types of cleaning equipment available, it’s sometimes hard to keep straight when and where to use a machine. What should you use if you want to polish your floor or remove stains from your carpet? We’ve defined 5 common janitorial cleaning machines here for quick reference. Keep an eye out for part 2 where we’ll cover some machines that aren’t as commonly known.

Automatic Scrubbers

An automatic scrubber is a machine used to clean in place of the traditional mop and bucket system. These machines are usually more efficient and more effective than using a mop. You can use your cleaning solution with a scrubber to scrub and dry surfaces in one walk-through. Since floors dry faster with automatic scrubbers, there is also less risk for slips and falls.

There are many types of scrubbers available. If you’re thinking about getting an automatic scrubber, you should consider the square footage of the area you’re cleaning.

Carpet Extractors

First, it’s important to know that carpet cleaners and carpet extractors aren’t interchangeable. Carpet cleaners usually clean the surface of a carpet and can help to remove small spots and stains. A carpet extractor goes one step further. Carpet extractors use solution to clean below the surface of the carpet, extracting dirt and foreign particles from the fibers. Carpet extractors can generally remove spots and stains more easily than a carpet cleaner.

Floor Buffer

Floor bluffers are rotary machines that use a side-to-side motion. They’re low speed and are used to strip, clean, and buff a floor. If you want to strip a floor, then a floor buffer is for you. Buffers are also referred to as floor strippers or swing machines, because of their side-to-side movement. These machines utilize floor pads to perform the function you want. You can use these floor pads to remove dirt, get rid of pesky scuff marks, or restore shine to a floor.

Floor Burnisher

A floor burnisher is a high-speed machine used to polish (burnish) your hard floors. Burnishers use friction to give your floors a shine. If you want to restore a floor’s shine, then a floor burnisher is the right piece of equipment. While you can use a floor pad with a floor buffer to restore a floor’s original shine, it’s much quicker with a floor burnisher. In many cases, you’ll see the floor’s shine restored after just a few passes.

Wet Dry Vac

Wet dry vacs perform the same function as a vacuum except that you can use it to clean both wet spills and dry particles and dirt. A wet dry vac is built to be able to handle liquid while a regular vacuum’s life will be quickly shortened if used for wet spills.

What Type of Equipment Should You Get?

With all of the above mentioned machines, there are many varieties of each type. It all depends on the square footage of the area you’re cleaning, the accessibility, and the type of job you’re trying to accomplish. If you need help choosing the right piece of equipment for your facility, your Powell Sales Specialist can help you or you can call our customer service at 1-800-472-0039.

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