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Vacuum Maintenance Checklist

Is your vacuum ready for a maintenance check? Run through this 4 step checklist from Eric Curry, Kärcher representative, before using your vacuum.

1. Is it safe to use?

You don’t want to see sparks when you plug in your vacuum and you don't want to electrocute yourself on exposed wires. Check your vacuum plug's power cords, there should be no tears or exposed wires. Also, the commercial three-prong plug needs to be intact, especially the ground prong (the bottom, third prong). Inspect the cord before every use to make sure nothing is damaged.

vacuum cord

2. Is the bag/filters working properly?

A vacuum’s performance will diminish if it becomes clogged by debris or if the bag and filters are neglected. If the machine is not sucking up dirt like it used to, it’s likely because of a
restriction in airflow.

There are two ways to fix this issue: replace the bag, then the filter(s).

First, replace the bag even if it’s not full. The pores could be clogged by fine dust particles, causing a restriction in airflow.

Second, air filters should be changed at least twice a year. Some models have two, one before the motor and one after, and both need to be replaced. The machine’s performance after the change should be prominent.

vacuum filter maintenance

3. Is the brush hurting the motor?

Most machines rely on operator adjustment, and over adjusting the down pressure will reduce the life of the brush and motor. It's important to ensure the brush is set correctly for the type of floor it’s cleaning.

The Sensor XP from Kärcher has an automatic adjusting feature that provides optimum brush and motor life. It will adapt as the brush wears down or when moving from different types of flooring.

If there is no brush replacement light on the machine, Kärcher recommends changing it when replacing the filters.

vacuum brush maintenance

4. Does the vacuum look like it can clean?

We're in the business of clean and the machines and tools we use should also be clean.

Maintaining commercial buildings is a difficult job, and the tools used are vital for success. Take some time to maintain and clean these items because, without them, the task only becomes more challenging.

Does your vacuum need some maintenace? Call the Powell Service Department at 1-800-472-0039.

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Eric Curry
Kärcher Representative

Thanks to our friends at Kärcher for these great tips!

Kärcher Representative, Eric Curry has partnered with Powell for many years. Along side our Powell Sales Specialists, Eric can provide you with top-of -the-line vacuums and equipment.

A family-owned company, Kärcher is a leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems Kärcher’s equipment combines functionality with user-friendliness and design. Always striving to be innovative in their field, Kärcher holds numerous awards and more than 1,300 patents and utility
models. The Powell Company has been a proud
distributor for Kärcher for many years. Ask your sales specialist about the latest products from Kärcher.

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