4-18 Clean & Shine Pad Demo

Give your floors a stunning reflection with less time, effort and equipment. 3M provided a demonstration at the Powell Company.

3M provided a demo of the new 3M Clean & Shine pad. Below are pictures from the Powell showroom of areas where the pad was used.

Scoth-Brite Clean & Shine Pad
The Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pad shines the floor as you clean with it. With repeated use, your floors gradually achieve burnish-quality results without the extra step of actually burnishing. Using a low-speed auto scrubber with just plain water or neutral cleaner, it effectively removes scuff marks faster than traditional floor pads and lasts significantly longer. So you can maintain a shining reflection with less time, effort and equipment.

Less time to clean - removes black marks 3 times faster than traditional cleaning pads.

Reduce burnishing - shine increases with each use to reduce or even eliminate the need for burnishing.

Less equipment - clean and shine in the same step using only a low-speed scrubber.

Fewer chemicals - effective with just water.

Replace less often - lasts longer than traditional cleaning pads.

Versatile - can be used on most coated and uncoated floors including VCT, vinyl, stone, terrazzo, concrete, marble, granite, and rubber.





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