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Powell Trade Show Online Vendor Registration

Register Here (Deadline May 13th, 2022):

Trade Show Vendor Registration

$ 175 Seminar Sponsorship (2 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • There will be two Zoom seminars leading up to the Trade Show. These seminars will be mostly attended by school heads and their staff. Sponsors will have a slide that says "courtesy of" with your company logo during the Zoom call and will be publicly thanked by the Zoom host before and after the seminar. Sponsors will also have their logos with “courtesy of” included in all promo surrounding the Zoom events.

$100 VIP Gifts Sponsorship (10 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • VIP gift bags are created for out of town guests who spend the night at the hotel and attend our meet and greet the night before the trade show. These bags will be tagged courtesy of your company and a “come see us at booth #” sticker.
  • This sponsorship will also secure an invite for your company representative to attend the VIP meet & greet with our customers the night before the show.

$75.00 Sign Sponsorship (10 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • A sign with your company logo and booth # will be placed on an easel down the hallway at registration. Every customer will have to pass this sign before entering the event. The sign can showcase a specific product or your company and booth number.

$50.00 Hospitality Table Sponsorship (5 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • This is a table with wraps, water, pop, and chips. A sign will display your company’s logo and booth number and will say food “courtesy of”

$50.00 Selfie Station Sponsorship (4 vendors are able to sponsor this)

  • We will have a Selfie Station with a background showing four different decades of years of service (ex: 80’s, 70’s, 50’s, etc.) Customers will be able to take their pictures with these backgrounds and fun props. Sponsors will have a sign next to each backdrop saying “courtesy of” your company logo and booth #. Sponsors will also be able to showcase a featured item on these signs.

Download Forms below. Deadline May 13th:

Download Electrical Services Form

Download Show Samples Form

Download New Items Form

                                                               [Click here for PDF downloadable version]

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