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training updateOver 90% of a well-managed housekeeping department's budget goes to labor and related benefits. Education is the single greatest ongoing event an organization can have to maximize worker productivity, reduce accidents, increase equipment life, and improve the health in a building.

The Powell Company works with customers to provide problem-solving, on-site training by qualified specialists in their particular industry. Clients can count on The Powell Company for consistency and stability in educating their workforce. Powell Company Specialists make sure that employees are confident in the use of their cleaning materials from chemicals to equipment; they work with their clients to train new employees and go beyond the simple concepts of which chemicals to use through to the correct methods in which to use them. Powell Company Specialists help make their clients' employees safer and more knowledgeable.

The Powell Company Specialists follow-up with their clients, setting up a regime of scheduled training programs throughout the year. This in-service training is offered free of charge to Powell customers because The Powell Company understands that training results in more productive employees which ultimately leads to cost savings.

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